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Electronic evidence continues to provide unique opportunities to challenge attorneys during litigation. The growth of electronically stored data is rapidly increasing. Computer Forensics has emerged as a new science capable of data recovery on Mac and PC computers, preserving electronic evidence, E-mail analysis, and uncovering a user’s computer history. The focus for litigation is how to collect and review this electronic data in a forensically sound manner. Due to the complexity and potential costs associated with the electronic discovery market, Doc1 Solutions has developed multiple avenues that allow us to customize your Computer Forensic needs. Our knowledgeable Computer Forensics consultants will help you identify, preserve, process, review and present their findings as your computer forensics expert witness.

Doc1 Solution’s knowledgeable Computer Forensic consultants utilize a team approach to each and every case. Our forensic team approach allows law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies to work directly with our forensic experts. Our project managers can assist in all aspects of your electronic data discovery process from the initial consultation to trial.

The goal of Computer Forensics is to collect data in a forensically sound manner that ensures the electronic evidence is preserved and unaltered. This process allows the evidence to be admissible in a court of law. Our team is trained to retrieve files that are deleted, disguised, hidden or encrypted. Because of the extensive forensic methods employed, Doc1 Solutions’ examination process will be exhaustive and examine all possibilities.

Courts are addressing electronic evidence issues by amending the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Recent additions set to take place December 1, 2006, present guidelines that suggest preserving electronic evidence as soon litigation is likely. The recent changes also address spoliation issues caused by the lack of any forensic preservation and consequences involved. The burden or expense of the electronic discovery process where the stakes are high should be focused on several key issues. Those issues involve examining the data that is reasonably accessible and is there good cause to warrant the time, effort and expense to examine the data.

Identification and Preservation of Electronic Evidence

Litigation & Computer Forensics Consulting

Data Recovery and Analysis of Deleted E-Mails

Recovery and Analysis of Instant Messaging/Chat Room Conversations

Data Recovery and Analysis Modifications of Documents

Document Analysis

Web Browsing Activity

Attempts to Delete Evidence

Examination of the Opposing Expert’s Methodologies and Results

Print History of Computer

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