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Based in Denver, Colorado, Doc1 Solutions was founded almost ten years ago to handle the litigation services needs of Denver’s law firms. At the time, most of the discovery and support needs were in paper form. Eventually, law firms entered into the digital age and scanned their paper documents. This allowed for more convenient methods to search and cull through large amounts of data. Additionally, the data could be stored in electronic format making it easier to process and archive large and small cases. Doc1 Solutions was able to offer clients full service litigation support with regards to their copying and scanning needs.

Eventually, electronic discovery became more and more prevalent in cases. The evolution of technology made it possible to store billions of pages on a single computer. A small company with only a dozen computers could have a staggering amount of information stored electronically. Also, the need to collect data in a manner that is acceptable to the court became a requirement in most cases. Doc1 Solutions electronically produced, culled, and then provided clients with the ability to sort through vast sums of data.

As a part of the E-Discovery process, Computer Forensics is a becoming a necessity. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Advisory Committee has stated that the simple act of turning on the computer can alter the contents of the computer. Exculpatory or critical information can be destroyed just by turning on a computer. The preservation of electronic evidence is now one of the most important steps of any litigious situation. Whether your case involves recovering text messages from cell phones or PDAs, or analyzing E-mails on laptops or servers, Doc1 Solutions’ Computer Forensics division has the expertise to not only forensically preserve the contents of these dynamic devices, but to also analyze the contents. Attempts to maliciously delete documents can be detected. Critical E-mails can be recovered. Actions of individuals prior to leaving a company can be examined. The computer yields an overall history of what activity has occurred on the device.

Doc1 Computer Forensics recognizes that electronic discovery can be an extremely complex topic. We take pride in empowering our clients through education by providing seminars and CLE presentations.

Whether your case consists of a laptop and a folder of documents, or has multiple servers located internationally and hundreds of boxes of documents, Doc1 Solutions seasoned experts can handle your litigation support needs. Please contact Doc1 Solutions Computer Forensic division with any questions by visiting our Contact Page or call one of our case advisers at 303.883.1254.

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